Select your images by clicking the love heart icons in your online gallery.


Choose from the cover materials and colours below.

Please let me know your selections via email.

Please select around 3 photos per spread in your selected album. For example if you have chosen my 10" x 10" album with 20 spreads (50 pages), you would choose around 60 images. This number is a rough guide, it's alright if its a little under or over and if you are really struggling to whittle them down anywhere near that number, you can always add more spreads to the album at $60 per spread. To select these you can simply 'favourite' (love heart icon) your selected images in your online gallery).


This is where you choose the embossed title that will go on the cover.

This can be as simple as just your names, or can include the date or a quote; anything really.

If you want a custom designed cover, let me know and I can get you a quote from my designer. You can also send me your own design in pdf, Ai or Ps formats (eg. if a designer did your wedding stationary with your names).

I will always put the title in the dead centre of the cover unless you request otherwise.

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